Our Story

Bad Uncle can be called a folk band, the same way a platypus can be called a mammal. Its got all the elements of a folk band (an accordion, a standup bass, drummer and guitar) but something went strange along the way. Combining elements of polka, rockabilly, opera, metal, gypsy and blatant experimentalism, Bad Uncle has become something singular. A dance orientated voyage into the weird side of music, where conventional genre is discarded in the pursuit of good times and fresh sounds.

Bad Uncle was formed in Montreal, 2007, as a duo, playing trash can drums, accordion and foot bass. Since then it has gone through many variations. From a four piece graveyard surf band, to gypsy metal quintet, to thirty person circus production, to experimental folk blasphemy. It is for this reason that Bad Uncle can only be described as an eclectic beast of a band that has frenetically changes its face every few years. A Bad Uncle show will range from gritty ballads, to polkabilly, to bluegrass hardcore to just plain weird. Indeed, they were voted in the top five freakiest bands in Best of Montreal for six years running, as well as top five folk band for 2009-2010. The music is dance floor driven, with a touch of WTF.

Bad uncle has six albums under their belt, and have played all over Quebec, BC, the East Coast and New York. They have played several festivals, including Fabuleux Festival International Du Folk Sale, Messtival, Montreal Folk Festival and Musee du Rock. Their music has been featured in films, used in circus productions and included in several compilations. In 2011 Bad Uncle received a grant from the Canadian Council of Arts to write and create an hour long spectacle, combining elements of rock opera with live circus performance (see our video) to tell the tale of a surgeon who defies the rules of life and love to create the perfect companion. There was also an entire album written in the studio as a collaborative art project with various guests from the music community of Montreal.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to come to your town and play music.