Ho there, urban scum! Are you bored of the same minty flavours? Feeling like a sex change? Have you lost the will to drink? Well, Bad Uncle has the remedy for you! 

Bad Uncle panders to a crowd of eclectic fans from all cultural, economic and genetic vectors of the city with a sound that combines folk and blues with a frenzy of terror and shame. It has been described as Grasscore, Polkabilly, Gothic Surf, Operatic Punk, and generally palatable. The sound can rise to a baroque thrash melee and sink down to the grittiest country/western nuclear fallout. The aim of the band is to deliver as many different flavours as possible, all wrapped in the same slice of meat. The aim of this band is to steal your shoes on its way out of the house party. 

THEODORE now available! 

Our unholy music baby, THEODORE, is now available on Bandcamp and through this music page.  You can also wrestle copies away from us at our upcoming shows at Folk Fest and Quai des Brumes in Montreal and House of TARG in Ottawa.

New Album Coming! 

Pleased and smug to announce the release of our sixth album, "Theodore", named after a baby boy, recently spawned by our favourite local bartender. Mixed and recorded at Studio Frolic by Alex Pep, this abomination recounts tales of hot tub massacre, parasite love and creatures hatched in the center of the Earth. The good stuff in life. We will release this album at Katacombes on May 13th, with special guests, La Delegation and Old Time Honey 


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Bad Uncle @ House of Targ

House of Targ, 1077 Bank Street, Ottawa

Bringing our new baby, "Theodore", to one of our favourite venues. With guests, The Dumb & Homely Band. Listen to the new tunes! Eat perogies! Play Double Dragon!